Royal West of England Academy Sculpture Open

Lesley Hilling’s piece On Longing is currently on show in Bristol at the Royal West of England Academy Sculpture Open. The piece won the Theresa Knowles Travel Bursary prize in the show. The show will run from 16th March to 2nd June 2019.
The RWA Sculpture Open will celebrate contemporary sculptural practice in all its many forms. From bronze casting to 3D printing, stone carving to found objects, sculpture is arguably the most diverse of artistic mediums allowing unrivaled freedom in materials, process, form and scale. Crossing boundaries between architecture, design, manufacturing and craft sculpture is a constantly evolving art form that pervades our lives like no other – from public monuments to the coins we carry in our pockets, sculpture is all around us.


The London Group Open 2017

The London Group Open is in two parts and Lesley’s piece The Wedding Feast has been selected for the second showing which is 22nd November to the 1st December. The show takes place at The Cello Factory, 33 – 34 Cornwell Road London SE8 8TJ.

The London Group is the UK’s longest running artists collective.  It was formed in 1913 to counterbalance the power of institutions such as The Royal Academy.

The Wedding Feast is 80 cm x 80 cm x 20 cm and is made from white painted wood and mixed media.


On Longing, Knight Webb Gallery July 2017

‘There is an unseen hand in my work and I am simply its caretaker. I work with the hues of the wood as if I’m a painter.’ – Lesley Hilling
Knight Webb Gallery will present a solo exhibition of several new sculptures by Brixton’s best known resident artist, Lesley Hilling. The exhibition will feature floor standing and wall sculptures made in found antique materials.
Both challenging and innovative, Lesley’s work is instantly recognizable for its organic, architectural forms and its understated elegance. Her background as a graphic designer has influenced these carefully considered compositions. All the works are made from salvaged antique furniture and found objects, many of which relate personally to the artist.
Hidden between the multi-faceted layers of each piece are old pianos, watches and family heirlooms. Her intricate works can take up to a year to assemble and complete.
‘The things I make can be separated into two types – the formal constructions made from different salvaged woods, and the more poetic pieces that will additionally feature found objects – things from my collections – cigarette cards, shells, coins, dolls, clock mechanisms, old photos, precariously placed magnifying glasses… I feel these pieces tell a story and the key to the story is with the viewer.’ -Lesley Hilling
Founded on a sense of nostalgia where the emphasis is on the collective and personal memory. Many of her constructions encourage the opening of doors and the pulling out of drawers. There is interplay between what is hidden, revealed and what is yet to be discovered. A walk on the beach or a country lane will produce all number of finds, such as crab bodies, drift wood, sculls, a dried frog; which can all be seamlessly integrated into the artwork.
‘Lesley’s work conveys a powerful sense of longing to preserve the fragments of the past, a desire for order, a passionate and mysterious evocation of lost moments.’ – Jane England, Director of England & Co Gallery

In Conversation: Rasheed Ogunlaru with artist Lesley Hilling at the Knight Webb Gallery for her show, ‘On Longing’

Aesthetica Magazine Art Prize

Lesley Hilling has been shortlisted out of over 3,500 entries from artists working in 70 countries worldwide for the 10th Aesthetica Art Prize. The shortlist comprises 16 artists working in a range of media, whose selected pieces are exhibited at York Art Gallery from 26 May to 10 September.

From individual narratives to global concerns, the artworks comment on contemporary culture and explore themes such as globalisation, perceptions of space and alienation in the digital age. The shortlisted artists hail from diverse locations such as Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, the USA and the UK, representing international artistic talent.


The London Art Fair 2017

These are parts of a long piece I am making for the London Art Fair.  It is several metres long and graduates from white wood to black.  It’s temporary name is Horizon.  Come and see the finished piece at The Knight Webb Gallery (stand 37) from the 18th to the 22nd of January.

Green Creates

Green Creates is an art auction to raise money for the Green Party.  It takes place on 18th October from 10 am til 8pm at Hoxton Arches, 402 Cremer Street, London E2.
I’ve donated Sphere11, which is the eleventh in a series of different sized spheres made of things that people had thrown away – from old toys to dried up onions.  I hope this work shows that art can be made from anything, not only art but lots of things we throw away can be put to a good use.  Often things made from recycled materials are more interesting and beautiful and can trigger good ideas.


The Green party are working for ecological sustainability, a fairer economy and a more equal society, so that can’t be bad.  Come along and bid on a piece.  For more info download Green Creates pdf


El Barrio

El Barrio means the neighbourhood in Spanish and this piece is part of a series where I am looking at how our cities are built.  In this series of work I question how things are constructed and what happens over time as they are continuously altered, modified and replaced.
 El Barrio, while suggesting the built environment also explores the objects with which we surround ourselves.




In A Silent Way at Volta 12 Basel Switzerland

June 13-18, 2016
Markthalle, Basel

In A Silent Way was a collaboration between myself and Anders Knutsson, who is also represented by the Knight Webb gallery.

Anders is Swedish, but lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is a well known painter and his monochrome pictures hang in many museums and major collections across the world. We are both jazz fans and named the show after Miles Davis’ album In A Silent Way – feeling the title said much about the way we both work. In this seminal album Miles fused together jazz and rock and with our show we too wanted to blend our two very different practices.

The show originally took place at the Knight Webb gallery, South London in 2015 and this year in June we repeated it with new work at the art fair, Volta 12 in Basel, Switzerland.

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Previous Shows

Art16’s Emerge Installation Exhibition

Context Art Fair, New York

Position art fair, Berlin

London Art Fair 2016

The Knight Webb gallery has a stand every year at the London Art fair in Islington.

Art fairs are where galleries do most of their business and like artists applying to get into group shows galleries generally have to apply to be in an art fair. It’s also required that participants pay a large fee to participate in the fair.

Art Cologne opened in 1967 as a trade fair for classic modern and contemporary art, and the first American art fair was in 1976 in Washington. They’ve sprung up all over the world since then and are now an integral part of the art market.
I enjoy the London Art fair, it’s interesting to see all the galleries strutting their stuff and there is work by some amazing artists.

You can see a short film showing the pieces of mine that Rufus showed this year, for the longer film of the Knight Web gallery at the London Art fair here.

Human Nature

Human Nature is an art platform artists whose work has a strong connection to the environment.  Started by Charlotte Webster in 2014,  Human Nature opened with a group show in Hoxton, London.  It went on the Bristol and Leeds and came back to London with another show in Soho.

As an artist who works with only recycled materials I’ve been lucky enough to be included in all of these shows. It’s been really enjoyable and Ive met some great people.

Find out more about Human Nature ›

Shows at the Knight Webb Gallery


Other Shows


Lesley Hilling presents The Enigmatic World of Joseph Boshier, Standpoint Gallery 2013

This solo show of my alter ego took place at the Standpoint gallery, Hoxton, London in November of 2013. See the Joseph Boshier page for more information and the Standpoint gallery page for more images.


2012 solo show at the Nancy Victor gallery

The Nancy Victor gallery is in Fitzrovia, London. I designed the floor, made from various hardwoods and made the door to the gallery.